Top 5 Plumbing Nightmares: Know How to Avoid Them

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What underlies and unseen, plays an integral part of day to day life. Yes I am talking about the plumbing system, and the network of pipes that work 24×7 for us. First thing in the morning, as you rush to freshen up, you push the flush button and it does not work. It’s no less than a nightmare. You turn on the faucet and there is no water. What should have turned out to be a productive day, seem abruptly coming to an end leaving you all puzzled? Why go through such confusion, follow some of the simple steps to secure your plumbing system, let the turbulence in your life be gone. Here comes some of the trouble shooting areas you can take care of.

1. No water through the faucet-The prime reason to this is clogging of the pipes at some point. So always install strainers in the inlet part of the pipe. Keep the strainers checking every few month. If they seem to be broken or rusted, immediately change them. Call Plumber Toronto if professional service is required.

2.  Water heater-Cold water comes out, even after switching on the water heater. The most common reason to this is, not working of the water heater. But that does not sums up to the conclusion that you need to change your heater. Thermostat is safety equipment which protects the heater from burn out. Many a times, this device ceases to work. So the mere replacement of it, will restore the heater’s normal functioning.

3. No water after you flush-This could arise due to multiple reason, as the working of flush involves three to four steps. Water need to be collected in the flush tank, to flow in large volume when required. Due to clogging of water inlet, very little amount of water gets collected. Thus it takes ages to for the flush to work. Call a plumber and get it fixed.

4. Pungent smell of water-Once the over head tanks are installed, we seem to completely forget about it. Our atmosphere is overloaded with flora and fauna. Microscopic algae and fungi, has the capability to sneak inside this overhead tank as they grow very well in damp areas. They are responsible for multiple kinds of infections in humans. The only way to know their presence is, the smell of the water becomes pungent. Thus periodically the tank should be cleaned and chlorinated if required.

5. Dipping water-We get used to the ticking of the clock, same happens with dipping water. What we fail to notice is, dipping water is a sign. It says that your plumbing equipment needs shining. Using a sealant is a temporary solution. One has to look into the core of the problem. Metals are highly prone to corrosion. If the corroded part is not taken care of in due time, it may result into break down of the system.

These basic Mississauga plumbing tips will definitely keep a check on your system functions. Apart from this, do keep the contact number of an efficient plumber, who can rescue you from the crisis.

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