Maintaining Kitchen Plumbing Turning To Be A Mess? Read on For 9 Handy Tips!

Plumbing tips kitchen

No one can deny the fact that the heart of any home is kitchen, where your day begins and ends. There is not a single day when you don’t enter your kitchen. Even if you don’t cook, your hand reaches in one or the other way towards your kitchen. You use the kitchen sink, garbage disposal, faucets and dishwasher on daily basis. Hence, it becomes important to avoid plumbing problems in the kitchen.

Kitchen Plumbing
Kitchen Plumbing

Create an impact with your kitchen with the following 9 tips: 

1. The simplest yet very important is the strainer in the kitchen sink. It should be properly maintained and placed well over the drains. As we all are aware that strainers allow water to drain out of the sink, holding back all solids that enter the drain pipe and cause blockage. Running hot water down the drain pipe from time to time can run down the grease and prevent the drainage pipe from getting clogged. Replacing old or missing strainers would be a solid move to start with.

2. The kitchen sink is the most prominent and noticeable part of the kitchen. Keep a check for cracks or severe discoloration. Repair with the help of professional plumber if possible, else decide to change.

3. If the sink is in good condition, but the faucet is leaking, that’s easy to fix. With the help of a required part, you can fix the faucet, until and unless you feel like changing or replacing with a new one. A tarnished faucet will definitely not enhance the look of the kitchen.

4. Garbage disposals are undoubtedly one of the best inventions. However, you have to remember that it can handle only small amounts of leftover food debris. When you try to dispose too much, it can get clogged and would ask for immediate repair or replacement.

5. An airgap, if nonfunctional or missing, should be immediately replaced in the dish washer with the help of a reputed plumbing company.

6. All water supply lines connected to faucets, dish washers and ice makers should have shut-off valves to prevent any kind of flooding. In case of leaking or nonfunctional valves, they need to be replaced immediately.

7. It is important to check from time to time, that all exposed supply holes are covered and try to replace escutcheons that are worn out or do not match with the fixtures. These are small changes but leave an impressive impact.

8. With the passage of time, the faucet aerators get clogged or finally get damaged. An uneven or low flow from the faucet is not a very good choice to go ahead with. Though faucet aerators are small, they are a necessary part of any faucet set up. Market has a host of different faucet aerators. Low flow aerators conserve a significant amount of water.

9. A new disperse flange and a stopper is an easy update with a big visual impact.

Also, always remember that if you plan to change the drain lines, extend supply lines, install a new sink, hot water dispenser, garbage disposer, under sink filter, icemaker or a dish washer, then you would need an expert and skilled plumber. Minor repairs can be done at your own but specific changes need an expert hand.

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