Water Pumping Systems – Know How They Work

With round the clock water supply from the city storage tank, direct supply of water is done. But if that not the case, pumping of water throughout the building from the temporary storage tank has to be done. Below is what plumber in Mississauga talks about the functionality of pumps and how they work.

What are pumps?

Pumps are the mechanical devices which transfer water from lower to a higher level by the application of some external energy. Though the underlying principle of the pump is same, there are several types of pumps with varying working principle.

Working principle of the pumps is: As the pump is switched on it creates a vacuum in its inlet chamber and the air pressure pushes the water up the pump inlet chamber. Now this suction also varies with temperature.  Other factors that come into play are, pumping head, pump efficiency etc. Now let’s know about some of the most efficient types of pumps that one can select from. The types are Reciprocating pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Vertical submersible pumps, fully submersible pumps and jet pumps.

Reciprocating pump

Reciprocating pump has limited water discharge capacity, but they can generate very high pressure. The drawback with this kind of pump is that it has several moving parts and valves. Thus with dysfunction of any part as such, the system may not work. This kind of pump is used by plumber Toronto particularly for high pressure application.

Centrifugal pumps

The second kind of pump is Centrifugal pumps, these have lesser rotating parts as compared to a reciprocating pump, it can pump large volume of water and to great heights, by creating very high suction pressure. This kind of pump is to be selected for water supply in irrigation systems, or sewage for home appliances like washing machines, dish washers etc. Centrifugal pumps are site specific and can be used according to the requirement.

Vertical submersible pump

The third kind is the Vertical submersible pump, in this kind the pump is submerged in the liquid and is driven by a vertically mounted motor. Though the motor has to be kept way above the water level. Vertical pumps are most suitable for, automatic operation and difficult suction condition. This is mostly installed for cleaning purposes.

Fully submersible pump

The fourth kind is the fully submersible pump. In this kind both the pump and the motor is submerged in the liquid. In this system, the water acts as the coolant. They are also commonly called contractors pumps, as they are used for dewatering in the construction site. This system is a cost friendly as no separate pump hose is needed to install this.

Jet pump

The fifth and the final kind of pump is the Jet pump it has great efficiency to lift water to a height of 40 m. The principle is that additional energy is applied at the suction point which is again derived from the system itself.

Thus all the above designs available, gives us the freedom to choose best for the kind of purpose that need to be served. The one time investment on installation of pumps should be smart and wise.