Maintaining Kitchen Plumbing Turning To Be A Mess? Read on For 9 Handy Tips!

No one can deny the fact that the heart of any home is kitchen, where your day begins and ends. There is not a single day when you don’t enter your kitchen. Even if you don’t cook, your hand reaches in one or the other way towards your kitchen. You use the kitchen sink, garbage disposal, faucets and dishwasher on daily basis. Hence, it becomes important to avoid plumbing problems in the kitchen.

Kitchen Plumbing
Kitchen Plumbing

Create an impact with your kitchen with the following 9 tips: 

1. The simplest yet very important is the strainer in the kitchen sink. It should be properly maintained and placed well over the drains. As we all are aware that strainers allow water to drain out of the sink, holding back all solids that enter the drain pipe and cause blockage. Running hot water down the drain pipe from time to time can run down the grease and prevent the drainage pipe from getting clogged. Replacing old or missing strainers would be a solid move to start with.

2. The kitchen sink is the most prominent and noticeable part of the kitchen. Keep a check for cracks or severe discoloration. Repair with the help of professional plumber if possible, else decide to change.

3. If the sink is in good condition, but the faucet is leaking, that’s easy to fix. With the help of a required part, you can fix the faucet, until and unless you feel like changing or replacing with a new one. A tarnished faucet will definitely not enhance the look of the kitchen.

4. Garbage disposals are undoubtedly one of the best inventions. However, you have to remember that it can handle only small amounts of leftover food debris. When you try to dispose too much, it can get clogged and would ask for immediate repair or replacement.

5. An airgap, if nonfunctional or missing, should be immediately replaced in the dish washer with the help of a reputed plumbing company.

6. All water supply lines connected to faucets, dish washers and ice makers should have shut-off valves to prevent any kind of flooding. In case of leaking or nonfunctional valves, they need to be replaced immediately.

7. It is important to check from time to time, that all exposed supply holes are covered and try to replace escutcheons that are worn out or do not match with the fixtures. These are small changes but leave an impressive impact.

8. With the passage of time, the faucet aerators get clogged or finally get damaged. An uneven or low flow from the faucet is not a very good choice to go ahead with. Though faucet aerators are small, they are a necessary part of any faucet set up. Market has a host of different faucet aerators. Low flow aerators conserve a significant amount of water.

9. A new disperse flange and a stopper is an easy update with a big visual impact.

Also, always remember that if you plan to change the drain lines, extend supply lines, install a new sink, hot water dispenser, garbage disposer, under sink filter, icemaker or a dish washer, then you would need an expert and skilled plumber. Minor repairs can be done at your own but specific changes need an expert hand.

Last Plumbing Agency Turned Out To Be A Nightmare? Know What To Look For In A Good Plumbing Agency!

There’s some emergency issue with the plumbing in your house and you need a good plumber right away. In this situation, when you call your experienced and reputed go-to plumber, he usually tells you that is not available and has been booked for a week.

In such situations, we naturally try to find the next best alternative and decide to go for a different plumber with whom, we have not worked before. Finding a good plumber can be really hard these days. There are lots of people who claim to be extremely good at their jobs, but when hired, can give you a hard time.

According to the best Plumber Toronto, plumbing is one area where you cannot compromise on quality because poor plumbing can lead to a lot of problems later on. In order to save on the money that might go into repairing defective pipes later, it is always better to hire someone who knows how to do his job properly.

So, how do you know if the plumber you are planning to hire is good at his job?

Here are a few tips to help you choose a good plumber.

  1. Is he licensed?

This is one of the most basic things you have to check. A licensed plumber is qualified and certified to do his job. This shows that the plumber Toronto is competent and has the necessary knowledge to take up your repair job.

  1. Is he insured?

All established plumbing agencies are usually insured these days. Though his insurance has nothing to do with his competency, it is always safe to hire an insured plumber because otherwise, there are chances of the plumber suing you if he/she gets hurt while working in your house.

  1. Do they offer guarantee?

It is essential that a plumber or the plumbing agency provide guarantee that the parts they use are of good quality. They must also guarantee that their labor has been verified.

  1. Referrals

The best way to find a good plumber is by asking friends, family and acquaintances if they know any. Since they have previously hired the plumber, they will be able to provide accurate and honest information about his work.

  1. Online Reviews and Complaints

Finding anything on the Internet has become easy. With the new era where everything is rated and reviewed, finding the reviews of an established plumber Toronto is quite easy. The Internet can help you find out if the particular plumber that you have in mind is good or whether there are a lot of complaints about him.

  1. How long are they in business?

A good plumbing agency is more likely to stay in business for a period of years than one which is not up to the mark. By finding out the business stability of a plumbing agency, you can determine if they do quality work.

Finding good plumbers can be tough, but with the help of your friends and the all-knowing Internet, it can be manageable. On finding a good plumber, hold on to him for all your future repairs or plumbing jobs and refer him to your friends. Help them find good plumbers too!

Top 5 Plumbing Nightmares: Know How to Avoid Them

What underlies and unseen, plays an integral part of day to day life. Yes I am talking about the plumbing system, and the network of pipes that work 24×7 for us. First thing in the morning, as you rush to freshen up, you push the flush button and it does not work. It’s no less than a nightmare. You turn on the faucet and there is no water. What should have turned out to be a productive day, seem abruptly coming to an end leaving you all puzzled? Why go through such confusion, follow some of the simple steps to secure your plumbing system, let the turbulence in your life be gone. Here comes some of the trouble shooting areas you can take care of.

1. No water through the faucet-The prime reason to this is clogging of the pipes at some point. So always install strainers in the inlet part of the pipe. Keep the strainers checking every few month. If they seem to be broken or rusted, immediately change them. Call Plumber Toronto if professional service is required.

2.  Water heater-Cold water comes out, even after switching on the water heater. The most common reason to this is, not working of the water heater. But that does not sums up to the conclusion that you need to change your heater. Thermostat is safety equipment which protects the heater from burn out. Many a times, this device ceases to work. So the mere replacement of it, will restore the heater’s normal functioning.

3. No water after you flush-This could arise due to multiple reason, as the working of flush involves three to four steps. Water need to be collected in the flush tank, to flow in large volume when required. Due to clogging of water inlet, very little amount of water gets collected. Thus it takes ages to for the flush to work. Call a plumber and get it fixed.

4. Pungent smell of water-Once the over head tanks are installed, we seem to completely forget about it. Our atmosphere is overloaded with flora and fauna. Microscopic algae and fungi, has the capability to sneak inside this overhead tank as they grow very well in damp areas. They are responsible for multiple kinds of infections in humans. The only way to know their presence is, the smell of the water becomes pungent. Thus periodically the tank should be cleaned and chlorinated if required.

5. Dipping water-We get used to the ticking of the clock, same happens with dipping water. What we fail to notice is, dipping water is a sign. It says that your plumbing equipment needs shining. Using a sealant is a temporary solution. One has to look into the core of the problem. Metals are highly prone to corrosion. If the corroded part is not taken care of in due time, it may result into break down of the system.

These basic Mississauga plumbing tips will definitely keep a check on your system functions. Apart from this, do keep the contact number of an efficient plumber, who can rescue you from the crisis.

What To Expect From Your Plumbing Service Provider?

Are you looking for the right professional plumbing service provider for your plumbing jobs? Do you know what you should be expecting from them? Even though most of us have a general idea about what to expect from a professional plumber, few have a proper idea about what a professional plumber Toronto should be providing us with.

Before we move ahead, let us understand the difference between plumbing system and sewage system. This is the most confused area of all. A plumbing system will constitute of the pipes that supply the clean water and then take the water out from various points in the house. However, plumbing does not constitute of sewage lines and the sewage system is constituted of a group of buildings rather than just one house. When you are calling a professional plumbing contractor, make sure the person is licensed and experienced in the area of plumbing and will be able to provide proper service as per your need. So, what should you expect from the plumber you are about to hire?

First of all, and most importantly, the plumber needs to know the landscape. At most you can provide a sketch of the house, but it is the job of the plumber to know the place he is working at inside out. A local plumber is thus needed for the job as he has the most knowledge about topography of the area and while laying pipes under the building it is an important knowledge that the plumber should have. It will be most important in case a new house is being built at a place with already a number of houses. The plumber will have to avoid old pipelines and adhere to local norms and guidelines while performing the job.

Your plumber should have idea about the places where the various plumbing fittings and pipes are available at reasonable rates. It should not be your job to go around a new place and find plumbing fixtures, parts and pipes. Choose a plumber who is willing to provide best materials as well or at least provide you details about their availability.

Your plumber needs to carry his own apparatus and appliances. A plumbing job is complex and there are specialized equipment meant for the purpose. The plumber you are hiring should have the equipment and have proper experience as well as certification to use them as needed. Having insurance is also a must in this case since any damage caused during laying of plumbing structure needs to be repaired as well and you will most certainly not be willing to pay for these repair jobs.

Did you know there are plumbing vents as well? Some might even ask what that thing is, because, let’s face it, most of us are woefully ignorant about the plumbing genre. Make sure you hire a professional from plumber Toronto who knows it all. Plumbing vents will allow you to keep your plumbing lines free from getting clogged.

You should expect these basic fixes and knowledge from the professional plumber you are about to hire.

When And Why Do I Need A Professional Plumber?

Plumber Toronto

Almost all of us have some DIY knowledge about everything in our household. We love saving extra bucks by taking care of minor household issues. This includes taking care of issues related to electrical, or building repairs, or plumbing.

Without trying to discourage the do-it-all master engineer within you, I would suggest you take professional plumbing help in case of issues that are slightly serious. When it comes to the aforementioned genres, it is better being safe than sorry. No doubt, you, armed with your very own tool kit, can take care of the issue that has aroused and tackle it. But, are you confident that this is not just the symptom of some other major trouble?

It is quite natural among most of us to try ad tackle plumbing issues mostly. The reason is, when it comes to problems about electrical wiring or other parts or problems with damage to the building, we generally do not wish to take our chances with our limited knowledge. However, plumbing seems like an easy job and most of us get down to fixing any issue in our home by ourselves. My advice is, call in a specialist like Plumber Toronto for the job. I am not demeaning your knowledge about basic plumbing; in fact, it is going to come in handy while explaining the issue you are facing to the professional. My point is a professional is much more prepared to tackle your plumbing issues that you yourself are.

If you are staying in Canada, you will be facing major issues during the colder months with water within the pipelines freezing and resulting in cracks. In case of any such issue, you can contact professional plumbing service providers to take a look at the entire plumbing lines within your home. While explaining the issue, having basic knowledge about plumbing will help you identify most of the issues and will allow the expert to better tackle the problem. At the time of selecting a plumber, you should always take a ballpark figure about the cost. It is true that no expert can give you a perfect quote without taking a look at the entire issue in person. However, if you are able to provide good information, he will definitely be able to give a good estimate.

Before calling in an expert, it is best if you take a good look at the entire plumbing network by yourself. This will help you identify any additional damage and protect you from any rough surprise with sudden escalation in repair cost. You should also take care of a few other things before the plumber begin working. The most important point is you should remove any and every hazardous item from the vicinity where the plumber Toronto is going to work. This will not only make it safe for the person, but will also speed up the repair process. After all you will also like your problems to be taken care of in the best possible way and eliminate any future issues arising anytime soon.

5 Plumbing Tips You Should Never Forget


Leaky faucets to clogged shower holes, everything can be fixed with these five universal Plumber Toronto hacks.

#1: Dripping taps:

Every drop matters. We are so engrossed in our lives it’s easy for us to ignore a dripping tap every time we walk past it, always coming up with an excuse to fix it later, it not only disturbs our sleep but hundreds of gallons of water go down the drain, which simply adds to our bill. Corrosion has been human foe since ages, it is one of the culprits, and frequent greasing and painting, does keep corrosion at bay. Well fixing one dripping tap will save you hundreds of dollars and a good night sleep is add on.

#2: Discolored shower heads:

Even the best of brand wears off within a few years of Plumbing installation. The once shiny shower head becomes all discolored and dull. When you do all the thinking in the shower, why not go a step ahead and get your shiny shower head back. All one has to do is, grab a plastic bag, use it to cover the shower head with the plastic bag and distilled vinegar inside the plastic bag. Overnight the vinegar will act on the metal oxides. Viola!! In the morning, it’s back to being new. 

#3: Broken Strainer:

It’s quite common that many a time a part of the strainer is either broken due to prolonged use or is displaced by the water flow. It never crosses our mind that this extra bit of hole in the water outlet will soon become a hell hole. With passing days small amounts of hair will steal its way through the outlet, within no time the main outlet will get all clogged (We call it Plumbing problem number 1) somewhere underground. What would have taken a few dollars to replace the strainer, now will be hundreds of dollar to locate and restore the clogged area. Never ignore a broken strainer.

#4: Uneven spray from your showerhead:

Uneven spray is a probable result of clogging of the minute pores in the shower head. Traditional way to clean them is unscrewing the shower head and using vinegar, the acids in vinegar naturally break down lime scale and rust and allow your shower heads to work like new again. Corrosive products available with a promise to clear calcium should be kept at bay they might lead to permanent damage, vinegar works wonder.

#5: First aid to be kept handy:

A stitch in time saves nine. Leaking pipes are the first indication for future tsunamis. Various sealants available in the market should be kept handy. Minor leaks can be easily taken care by the simple application of thin coat of any particular sealant. They will provide temporary relief while you can seek professional help of Plumber Toronto. So next time you step in the super market, do remember to add a sealant to your list.