5 Plumbing Tips You Should Never Forget


Leaky faucets to clogged shower holes, everything can be fixed with these five universal Plumber Toronto hacks.

#1: Dripping taps:

Every drop matters. We are so engrossed in our lives it’s easy for us to ignore a dripping tap every time we walk past it, always coming up with an excuse to fix it later, it not only disturbs our sleep but hundreds of gallons of water go down the drain, which simply adds to our bill. Corrosion has been human foe since ages, it is one of the culprits, and frequent greasing and painting, does keep corrosion at bay. Well fixing one dripping tap will save you hundreds of dollars and a good night sleep is add on.

#2: Discolored shower heads:

Even the best of brand wears off within a few years of Plumbing installation. The once shiny shower head becomes all discolored and dull. When you do all the thinking in the shower, why not go a step ahead and get your shiny shower head back. All one has to do is, grab a plastic bag, use it to cover the shower head with the plastic bag and distilled vinegar inside the plastic bag. Overnight the vinegar will act on the metal oxides. Viola!! In the morning, it’s back to being new. 

#3: Broken Strainer:

It’s quite common that many a time a part of the strainer is either broken due to prolonged use or is displaced by the water flow. It never crosses our mind that this extra bit of hole in the water outlet will soon become a hell hole. With passing days small amounts of hair will steal its way through the outlet, within no time the main outlet will get all clogged (We call it Plumbing problem number 1) somewhere underground. What would have taken a few dollars to replace the strainer, now will be hundreds of dollar to locate and restore the clogged area. Never ignore a broken strainer.

#4: Uneven spray from your showerhead:

Uneven spray is a probable result of clogging of the minute pores in the shower head. Traditional way to clean them is unscrewing the shower head and using vinegar, the acids in vinegar naturally break down lime scale and rust and allow your shower heads to work like new again. Corrosive products available with a promise to clear calcium should be kept at bay they might lead to permanent damage, vinegar works wonder.

#5: First aid to be kept handy:

A stitch in time saves nine. Leaking pipes are the first indication for future tsunamis. Various sealants available in the market should be kept handy. Minor leaks can be easily taken care by the simple application of thin coat of any particular sealant. They will provide temporary relief while you can seek professional help of Plumber Toronto. So next time you step in the super market, do remember to add a sealant to your list.

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